Beating the Clock: Tips To Reduce Long Sales Cycle

Time is the Enemy
Always moving forward, tick tick tick...🕒

Yet that's one thing that's out of our control.

Time moves forward. It's what it does. Always has.

But we can control how we use that time.

In Sales, we can determine who we should deal with, and when.

Looking at what they need, and why.

Exploring the challenges behind their own timing, such as the implications of doing it sooner.

Or later if there's no losses to waiting.

And as a sales professional, you can challenge their thinking on that.

Because if you're on the right path, bringing a deal forward may mean you've saved the client money, or saved them time.

Or saved them from a potential loss down the track.

And amicably you can get the business approved and the sales signed off.

It's not often that you'll find a lead who's ready to make a sale right from the start.
Sales cycles, especially B2B, involve a high-value investment, which means that the consumer needs to carry out a longer decision process.

Realistically, the entire process can take months.

Every lead requires resources and attention throughout the process.

That's why eliminating challenges to shorten your sales cycle is such an advantage.


Below are tips you can practice to shorten your sales cycle.

➡️ Make the most of Automation tools

➡️ Build and maintain regular communication with prospects

➡️ Make sure you're selling to the right decision maker

➡️ Be clear about the pricing early on.

➡️ Anticipate prospect objections and prepare appropriate response

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Perry Papast 2022. All rights reserved. Sydney Australia