Why Hope is Not a Sales Strategy

Hope, Tenders and A Sales Strategy.
How's that working for you?

So what happens if I change your thinking on that?

When you hear stuff like "I hope they sign by "DATE"

What do you think?

Or "I hope they return my call because then I'll be able to show them...."

Sorry.... No it won't work.

Don't hope for something.

Qualify tenders that come past your desk.

Don't reply to anything and any time... You're way too valuable for that.

Look at the process, the strategy, the way you've presented yourself, the stuff you've said, the stuff they want.

Do you align with what they want?

Do they need it?


Rhetorical questions....

Hope is when you're not sure you've taken the right action in the sales cycle.

I like action, it's the right thing to do.

But it's also gotta be at the right time for the right reasons and then (with a little bit of sales magic) they are committed to wanting to keep talking to you.

Moving to that wonderful moment of signing up with you.

How would you know if it's still right? Ask me here:

Importance of Qualifying your Tenders
Hope is not a sales strategy, and responding to every request is ineffective.

Instead, use criteria to determine if a tender is worth bidding on, such as knowing if someone in the organization is fit for the solution to increase the likelihood of winning.

Responding to all tenders can waste time and resources. So qualifying tenders before responding and only responding to those with a high chance of success.

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Perry Papast 2022. All rights reserved. Sydney Australia
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