Data-Driven Sales: The Importance of Measuring and Managing

The Sales Guessing System.
Place a wet finger in the air

And see which way the wind is blowing.

By now you may think I'm being stupid....

But the Accountability Coaching that we do is often along the lines of data driven cadence:

Move your activity towards outcomes which become $.

Unfortunately, I've bumped into salespeople that have learnt to say

"I think they'll sign", "We'll see...", "I'm just waiting for the call..."

I know I'm being extreme. It's like the old-school joke, "The check is in the mail" (or Cheque if you're an Aussie...)

But the real learning here is:

You can only Manage, what you can Measure.

Before working for Salesforce, I thought CRM's were BS.

Back then, my paper based system, or Excel depending on how I was feeling, was great.

Then get a team, or you have Managers, Consultants, Partners etc

How do you share the key content about where your business is at?

(BTW when I say "business" it could be your sales deals, your client delivery process, your prospecting, your marketing efforts, and many other things)

So getting to the point here:

If you can find an effective way to capture the MOST IMPORTANT data about your sales, or clients, or prospects (or whatever)

Then each week or month you can look back at how you've gone, where to improve, what to dump, what to change.

Simple example: If I make 100 calls in a week and none get booked as meetings or presentations, then I know something is not working.

In that example (I realise it's a simple one...), I should not be saying "some were positive and I'll book it next week"

The response should be: show me, so I can help refine/improve, modify so you get more meeting next week.

Hint: We do this accountability coaching in my membership.

You can't manage what you can't measure.
You should consider whether you are moving forward, stagnant, falling, or perhaps failing.

Tracking progress regularly, either weekly or monthly and making adjustments as necessary.

If a method works well, one should improve it incrementally rather than change everything.

It gives the example of cold calling and email marketing, where one should track numbers such as dials, opens, clicks, responses, and engagement and use this data to improve the process.

Data and information are crucial to managing processes effectively.

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