Mastering the Sales Process in a Changing World: Navigating Stakeholders and Decisions

The world is a crazy place.
People change their minds.

How can a sales professional keep up?


As mentioned to a few account managers recently,

How can you "control" the sales process?

Well firstly, I placed quotes around the word "control" because it more like guiding the discussions, meetings and process towards a mutually agreeable outcome.

Using the steps you know are the best way to help the client or prospect make the purchase.

So back to people changing their minds....

A complex solution, but one that's achievable:

✔️ Meet with all Stakeholders that are involved in the decision.

If you say "Perry you're the crazy one!"

It's ok, because that's the ultimate goal to meet all stakeholders.

And in some companies, you won't have access to them or won't be able to meet them in time.

But there's tactics you can use to help your sponsors to pitch for you internally.

Watch this video where I explain a bit in more detail.

In a business deal, it's important to understand the decision-making process and who the key decision-makers are.
However, it's also important to recognize that people can change their minds, affecting the deal's outcome.

Suppose you are dealing with a decision maker who is not the signatory. In that case, it's important to communicate with everyone involved in the decision-making process as much as reasonably possible.

For example, if the CEO has a conversation with the decision maker and starts considering other options or delaying the decision, this can derail the deal at the last minute.

Therefore, it's important to engage with all relevant parties and try to communicate through the people you have a relationship with to avoid any miscommunication or unexpected changes in the decision-making process.

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