The Art of Asking Relevant Questions in Sales: Why it Matters

Fire two-headed sales questions to the right person...
and end up with a bounty.

Asking the right questions qualifies the prospect and also reinforces your ability to help them.

Through a purposeful conversation with the right person, you will unearth and understand their needs that will enable you to craft the best, irresistible offer.

Learn importance of Questioning Techniques when trying to secure business with a client or prospect.
It is vital to ask relevant questions to help you understand how well-positioned you are to get the business, while also helping the client or prospect know what you are offering.

In many cases, a business's spending on a particular project or work program is just a portion of the overall budget, so it is essential to understand where your proposal or quote fits into the larger picture.

It's important to ask good questions of the people who approve of your company, product, or service for the program of work to engage them and understand their perspective.

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Perry Papast 2022. All rights reserved. Sydney Australia
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