Beyond the Buyer's Journey: Understanding the Complete Customer Experience

Does your prospect or future client know that too?
Often we speak of the "Buyer's Journey", which in simple terms is the steps the buyer needs to go through before they partner with you,

before they purchase your solution.

And one of the factors we often miss is the buyer's journey, before they engaged us, during the term of working with us (pre-sale) and how they'll work after the purchase is made.

Seems complex, however for most sales professionals there's a unique advantage.

We must understand the first two, because that sets you up with knowing the best way to help them.

It's the classic case of:

➡️ where have they been (and why)
➡️ what do they need now (and why)
➡️ how will that solution be used (and why)

And then with a little validation, you can establish a process of what's next in your sales process, to work towards their approval of doing business with you.

One last thing too, keep checking and asking, because the answers you get at first may evolve and change as you go through it (what they need and how it will be used 😉) - hint hint

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The Path to Purchase: Understanding the Buyer's Journey
The "Buyer's Journey" is the process a potential customer goes through from not knowing about your product or service to becoming a happy customer.
It starts with them becoming aware of your solution, then researching it, identifying how it can solve their problem, and finally making a decision to purchase it.

Your job as the salesperson is to help them through this journey by providing information, answering questions, and guiding them toward making the right decision.

It's not just about closing the deal but also making sure the customer is satisfied with their purchase.

Understanding the buyer's journey is important because it helps you invest the time and effort needed to win the customer's trust and business.

And even after the sale, it's important to make sure the customer is happy so they can become a valuable reference for your business.

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