The Power of 'Always Be Helping' in Building Client Relationships

Clients that love being "Closed"
"Come to my office and sell me something"

Is a phrase that most (or all) clients will never say to us.

Because we all dislike being "sold to".

Which reminds me that "Always Be Closing"

Is not client centric.

And is often a sure fire way of putting our client (or prospect) offside.

Yet when we've told our client (or prospect) there's a way to help.

If we can learn more about your current situation and look at where we can help right now.

Or, add value, provide some ideas, offer some suggestions

Show you a demonstration of how we do it.... etc

The client often sees it as an opportunity to learn.

And in most cases (or a high majority of cases) the response is likely to be:

"That was awesome and very helpful. Is that something you can (do for us), (implement for us), (design for us), or fill in your own outcome...."

In essence, the simple mindset of "Always Be Helping" can turn into a buying mindset.

They see their problem has an immediate solution, that you have and can do in a shorter time frame or better way, to what they could have done themselves

Adopt a mindset of "Always Be Helping" instead of "Always Be Closing."
Emphasize the importance of understanding the customer's needs and how the product or service can help them rather than solely focusing on making a sale.

Go back to what did they originally want?

Are you helping them?

Do you know why they're choosing you?

If you understand more about them, you now know how to help them.

By doing so, customers will be more likely to express interest in the product or service on their own rather than feeling pressured to make a purchase.

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Perry Papast 2022. All rights reserved. Sydney Australia
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