From Cold to Close: The Art of Relevance in Sales Calls

Goodbye "Unsuccessful Cold Calls"
Hello Sales!

But wait.... they didn't purchase the first time.

Let me share an idea why.

It was Cold.

And in fairness there's nothing wrong with that.

Because from recent discussions with salespeople, the common theme was

"if I can find a way to cut through the online noise I will make a phone call"

Which is a brilliant tactic!

Unless it's a cold call.

Because now you need to build some relevance to the conversation so that your prospect listens to something that relates to them.

Or which they're likely to resonate with, or could be a challenge or issue they're facing.

(Something you've found out about)

And that first 60 seconds of the cold call goes your way,

I've had responses like:

"Thanks Perry. I'll give you 60 seconds and if this call is not relevant I'll have to end it"

But they stuck around for 45 minutes after that.

And with a little sales magic, they became a client too.


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What's your cold calling strategy in this current market in this current environment?
Cold calling has a lower success rate, but you can improve your chances by researching your potential clients or the companies they work for.

Look for information about their circumstances, initiatives, and anything they published and posted online or, if you're lucky, found in the media.

Use this information to start a conversation and offer help if possible.

If they don't answer, leave a professional and specific message.

If you leave too many generic messages, your number may get blocked.

You need to think carefully about engaging your potential clients in a way that feels warm, not just cold.

This takes time and effort, but building a digital presence can help you gain their trust and eventually make successful sales.

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Perry Papast 2022. All rights reserved. Sydney Australia
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