Sales Prospecting Mistakes

You're wrong about sales...
You won't win constantly.

Even if you're great at closing deals.

You gotta do the hard stuff: Prospect, Find Warm Leads, Service Hot Leads Immediately, Deal Well with Cold Leads

Prospecting is first and Bad prospecting can make valid sales strategies fail.

Many companies have poor prospecting without realizing it. You might be doing some of them too:

❌ Lack of research causes mistargeting

❌ Long emailing

❌ Offering nothing

❌ Slow response

❌ Non-follow-up

❌ Overreaching

Mistakes help you to learn but too much will cost business.

Let me help you improve sales prospecting that can fill your pipeline with high-converting opportunities.


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 Hi, I'm Perry Papast, an award-winning B2B Sales Advisor, Coach and Mentor for Technology Businesses. With over 25 years of real industry sales experience, I have been helping business owners and salespeople to get amazing results in their first weeks while working with me.
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Perry Papast 2022. All rights reserved. Sydney Australia
Perry Papast 2022. All rights reserved. Sydney Australia