Strategies for Building Sales Pipeline

Building sales pipeline starts with....
The minefield of "getting known online"

How to navigate which channel is right for you.

Because online gives you lots of ideas about what interests your target audience.

And online, if you're overwhelmed with where to go, you're not alone.

So it's best to just do 1 thing and do it well.

Then engage another channel, and so on.

Until you've built a broader presence, but which is specific to your target audience.

Ask yourself these questions:

‣ How are you using LinkedIn to educate your audience?

‣ Is your audience also on Instagram or Facebook?

‣ Do your clients (or prospects) Tweet?

‣ If video is your thing, maybe YouTube?

‣ Or if your audience fits this, could you leverage TikTok?

Then we've got the "old faithfuls"

‣ Present at events

‣ Create a Seminar

‣ Maybe some Public Speaking?

As I end this, dare I say it.... Could cold calling work for you?

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Customizing Your Sales Approach for Happy Customers

Ah, yes! The art of lead generation and sales conversion.

Firstly, you can woo your desired audience by creating compelling online content and captivating their interest, then smoothly connect with them to offer your services.

Secondly, showcasing your know-how and unique insights via public speaking engagements or event participation could be a winner.

Thirdly, for those who prefer a more hands-on, direct approach, the old-fashioned methods of cold calling or social media outreach, coupled with a personal touch via follow-up calls, can work wonders.

Ultimately, the key to success lies in understanding your target audience's needs and preferences and customizing your approach to offer the best possible solutions to their problems.

After all, happy customers make for a happy salesperson!

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