The Power of Beachhead Deals in Sales

What do the beach and sales have in common?
And it's got nothing to do with sea life.

It's about Beachhead deals.

Or foot in the door deals.

I'll show you where I'm going:

Many sales deals are created as an all or nothing.

Because either you have one chance to convert the deal with your client.

Or the client (or their situation) requires an overall solution.

However, can the client realise a smaller outcome, for a smaller price?

Or can they test or trial your solution for a smaller, and reasonable price?

Some call it a Proof Of Concept or Pilot.

And if you can start with that small piece of business, you can expand the deal later, and build a better relationship with the account in the process.

Or branch into other divisions or business units, if your client is a much larger corporation.

Some businesses have done this with audit, assessments or health checks too.

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Let's discuss a "Beachhead Deal," which allows clients to try out a product or service.
This can be important to help the client decide if they want to commit to a bigger project.

Sometimes this is done through a paid proof of concept or pilot, but it depends on the specific solution offered.

So it's important to measure what's working and what's not, and having an initial offer can increase the chances of success.

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