The Importance of Connecting with Signatories: How to Ensure Alignment in the Sales Process

The buyer can pitch for you internally.
Then it just needs the agreement or contract to be signed and we're away!

Yet when this doesn't go right (and it can), we're left high n dry.

This may not relate to everyone or to every deal.

But in all cases we must attempt to meet the Signatory.

Having someone else explain your solution to others, has some likelihood of going sideways.

I've won deals where the signatory wasn't going to meet me (e.g. untouchable or delegates well to their team).

But we set up a process for the approving team to explain and demonstrate our solution, where needed, to the signatory.

And it worked.

However when it doesn't work, and there's no connection or relationship to the signatory, it's a tough situation.

Especially if there's some disconnect between the conversation we're having with the decision team, and the signatory.

"Controlling The Sale" is often about taking the buyer (a.k.a. Decision Making team) through a process.

And it also means we must do our best to meet with the signatory.

Since that places us in the best situation to understand if everyone is aligned to the same outcome.

It's not always possible, but if you don't try you're not professionally managing the Sales Process.

Control the sales process professionally.

It is important to ensure that the signatory, such as the CEO, CIO, CTO, Vice President, or Director, is on the same page as the decision-maker or approver during the budget approval process.

This requires establishing a relationship with the signatory, ensuring that they are familiar with the presented organization and solution, and understanding how they can pitch for the solution.

Failure to do so can result in deals going sideways and ultimately not getting approved.

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