Why 'Splitting the Difference' Could be Hurting Your Sales Negotiations

Who likes being lowballed!!?
Or better yet, get asked for a discount and then...

You split the difference and move onto the next sale?

There's better situations to be in...

Sales can be tough by the way.

But there's a simple technique for negotiations.

Ask questions about the counter offer you're given.

The more information you get from those questions, the better your bargaining power.

And the better equipped you are to be helping them in the way they want to be helped.

It gets more complex and I will explain more in this video.

Concept of "Splitting The Difference" in Negotiations 
It questions whether this is the best way to negotiate and suggests that it could lead to a lower price for a product or service.
Instead of accepting a lower offer, it is important to ask questions to understand the buyer's thought process and budget constraints.
Shaving off a bit of the price may be okay, but splitting the difference from what they're offering you to what you're asking, is that the way to go about it? I'd say not.
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Perry Papast 2022. All rights reserved. Sydney Australia
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