Cut the Cringe: How to Avoid Being a Sales Jargon Junkie

Are you a jargon junkie?
Thinking that an audience nodding their heads is going well?

But in reality they didn't really understand.

It's a common problem because...

Sales professionals have to relate to multiple different people, in different ways.

We have to engage different people across different sectors or seniorities.

And relate to them with specific conversations or communications (messages, texts, emails).

So if you confuse them or create ambiguity, there's a chance you can elongate the sale, or at worst they can favour another salesperson or another company (maybe your competitor).

I see a lot of complex responses come my way.

So I thought to share some ideas, for those of you who could help your client (or prospect) in a better way:

✔ Avoid acronyms, especially those in your industry

✔ Keep It Simple, and concise

✔ Clear sentences, not paragraphs

✔ A simple next action (and for whom), or a good call-to-action

Caveat: This is a general rule of thumb. There'll be situations where you have to elaborate, but maybe you can do that in a phone call or in a meeting?

Then if the journey you take the buyer through, is simple and clear enough, you increase your chances of winning them over

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You are using language that is easy to understand.
It is important to communicate in a way that clients easily understand.

Different roles and responsibilities require different types of communication. This applies to face-to-face conversations and written communication, such as emails, website content, and landing pages.

The key to success in sales is to ensure that the client understands the solutions being offered and this requires using language that is easy to understand.

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Perry Papast 2022. All rights reserved. Sydney Australia
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