Need Payoff in SPIN Selling

Sell by not selling. But what do they want to buy?

Great question!

So now comes the fun part...

What to ask?

Use the Need Payoff side of SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham.

You don't have to ask tonnes of questions like a talk show host.

However, you do need to hone in to the urgency/importance of solving their problem.

Things like:

➡️ Would doing [insert process] make it easier to reach the business goal?

➡️ How do you think that resolving the issue with [insert process] would help the company?

➡️ Why is being able to do [insert process] important to the business?

These are just a couple of questions as teasers, as examples to get you thinking.

I break it down further in this video.

Learn the Need Payoff portion of the SPIN Selling methodology
Focuses on exploring the urgency behind solving a problem or creating an improvement to create a buying situation in sales and business development.

Understanding the timing and urgency of setting up the closing process within the sales process is important.

To gather the necessary information and close the sale, ask specific questions such as:

"What do you find valuable to do process X Y Z?"

"How will that improve that situation within that timeframe?"

"How do you think that process will benefit your team?"

The questions may need to be slightly modified depending on the industry, solution, service, or product sold.

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