Why Your Prospects Ghost You (and How to Stop It)

Ever put in the effort to connect with a potential client, only to have them vanish without a trace? It happens to the best of us. But the good news is, there are ways to understand why prospects ghost you and how to keep them engaged.
Here are some of the most common reasons prospects go radio silent:
  • Timing Isn't Right: Maybe your prospect seems super interested, but their plate is overflowing. They might genuinely intend to follow up, but other priorities keep pushing your conversation down the to-do list.
  • Solution Mismatch: Your product or service might be fantastic, but it may not address their specific needs. If they realize this during your interactions, they might ghost to avoid an awkward "no."
  • Competitor in the Mix: Sometimes, prospects are talking to multiple vendors. They might be hesitant to disclose this, leading to a sudden silence if they choose another option.
  • Your Approach Needs Work: Did you come across as too pushy? Did you neglect to build rapport and focus solely on the sale? An impersonal or overly aggressive approach can make prospects retreat.
So, how do you prevent ghosting?
  • Qualify Early: Before diving into a deep sales pitch, take the time to understand their needs and challenges. If it's a clear mismatch, acknowledge it and move on. This builds trust and establishes you as a helpful resource, not just a salesperson.
  • Focus on Value: Showcase how your solution directly benefits them. Tailor your communication to address their specific pain points and goals.
  • Become a Trusted Advisor: Position yourself as a knowledge source, offering valuable insights even if they don't buy right away. This builds trust and keeps you top-of-mind.
  • Follow Up Strategically: Don't bombard them with emails. Craft well-timed follow-ups that provide additional value or gently nudge them towards the next step.
  • Offer Multiple Channels: Make it easy for them to connect with you on their preferred platform, be it email, phone, or social media.
By understanding why prospects ghost and implementing these strategies, you can turn fleeting interactions into lasting customer relationships. Remember, building trust and demonstrating value is key to keeping prospects engaged throughout the sales cycle.

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Perry Papast 2022. All rights reserved. Sydney Australia