The Problem with SPIN Selling

There's a problem with SPIN Selling.
How did you attempt to solve it?

So there's a question. Wouldn't you agree?

So if you think I'm trying to confuse you....

I'm not, because that was an example of a Problem based question.

From the SPIN Selling Methodology.

However it wasn't in the right order.

Watch this short video and you'll get the flow. Use it and then let me know.

The goal is to use open-ended questions to understand the client's current situation and problem.
The importance of understanding the problem of the client or prospect by asking them a list of questions that will hone you into their desire to fix that problem.
These questions identify the challenges, improvements, and changes the client wants.

Asking these questions differently and not barraging the client with too many questions at once.

Some sample questions that you can use to discover the client's problem:

  • How cost prohibitive is it for you to continue with (that feeling of what they're doing now)?
  • Do you have processes that fail like this? What have you done before to attempt to alleviate yourself of this particular situation?
  • Have you ever been unable to access fill in the bit?
  • What's the biggest obstacle or challenge that you, your team, or your organization face? 
  • What are the disadvantages of this current situation for your system, for your process?
You're asking an open-ended question to get them talking about that particular problem or challenge as it is at the moment.

You're discovering where they are at the moment with that particular problem.

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