Implication in SPIN Selling

What are you Implying?
Or can you SPIN that in a different way?

You know about SPIN selling right?

Neil Rackham's, sales methodology

It's written for champions.

Try it and you'll be a Sales Champion too.

Do You or Your Team ever get held back from reaching your sales goals?

That's an implication question right there!

Watch the video and you get more, then go use them with your client and win their business!

Learn the Implications of using SPIN Selling
A  sales technique developed by Neil Rackham.

The technique involves asking implication questions to get the client or prospect to voice their frustrations with their current situation.

Asking a few questions at a time and being mindful of the pace at which questions are asked to avoid overwhelming the client or prospect.

Here are examples of implication questions: 

"if you had more resources, what could you accomplish?"

"if you weren't experiencing that problem, do you believe it would be easier to reach the outcome or the goals that you're trying to achieve?"

These questions aim to get the client or prospect to talk about their frustrations and pain points, as these are often the emotional drivers behind a buying decision.

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