Dealing with Rejection in Sales: Coping Strategies and Mindset Shifts

Your sales pitch was rejected. You feel rejected too, right?
Rejection is an inevitable part of a sales professional's journey.

You gotta fail to get really good.

Developing ways to cope with challenges and failures is crucial to becoming successful

Salespeople that bounce back from rejection, also grow stronger and more resilient, and more experienced

Here's How 👇👇👇

1. Have a Growth Mindset:
Once you're rejected, consider why it happened, write down 1 lesson and move onto the next deal. Getting back into it will keep momentum going
2. Separate Your Self-Worth from Rejection:
Have positive affirmations about yourself. Self worth and positive statement about yourself build confidence plus your subconscious learns from it. Saying "I am a great salesperson" will reinforce your self-worth (and you will remember it).
3. Seek Feedback and Learn from Rejections:
Ask why the prospect or the client why they said "No" or why the rejected you. Read between the lines if they sugar coat it. Use the feedback to see what areas you can improvement.
4. Reframe Rejection as a Numbers Game:
Set clear sales goals and track your conversion rates over time. Celebrate progress, even if it means overcoming multiple rejections to achieve a sale.
5. Practice Resilience and Persistence:
Put resilience-building activities into your routine. Daily affirmations, meditation, or engaging in hobbies that recharge your energy. Surround yourself with positive people or mentors who can provide encouragement and motivation.
In summary:
Dealing with rejection in sales requires a combination of practical coping strategies and mindset shifts. By adopting a growth mindset, separating your self-worth from rejection, seeking feedback, reframing rejection as a numbers game, and practicing resilience and persistence, you can navigate rejection with confidence and bounce back stronger than ever.
Remember, each rejection is an opportunity for growth and an essential step on the path to sales success.

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Perry Papast 2022. All rights reserved. Sydney Australia